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(Oct 10, 2018)
The latest round of prizes is up!
(May 07, 2018)
We completed our final GW2 guild upgrade! Huge thanks to everyone who donated, and congratulations everyone!
(Apr 29, 2018)
I'm extending the deadline on the Super Chests event until 11pm (EDT) tonight. Get those screenshots in!
(Apr 21, 2018)
Find Super Chests in our guild hall this week to earn prizes! See the forum post for details.
(Feb 16, 2018)
Q3 2017 prizes are up!
(Feb 07, 2018)
GW2's Lunar New Year event has begun, and lasts until February 22nd.
(Jan 03, 2018)
The latest round of prizes for donations and decoration contributions is up!
(Jan 02, 2018)
Happy new year!
(Nov 14, 2017)
Living world returns for season 4 in two weeks!
(Oct 31, 2017)
I uploaded a walkthrough of the Mad King's Clock Tower:
(Oct 31, 2017)
Happy Halloween!
(Sep 25, 2017)
I hope everyone is enjoying Path of Fire so far.
(Jun 25, 2017)
The Hunt results are in!
(Jun 15, 2017)
Round 5 has begun! It's shorter than previous rounds and includes more variety, so don't wait to get started.
(May 31, 2017)
Round 4 has begun!
(May 19, 2017)
Round 3 of the hunt has begun! Go find those statues!
(Feb 03, 2017)
New prizes are up! If you're on the list on the second page, let me know which corresponding-color prize you want from the first.
(Feb 01, 2017)
Brace yourselves, Living World Season 3 Episode 4 is coming!